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In this issue, Ron talks explains why it’s so important to have multiple layers of support for your loved one. Please watch the video below:

A Brief Message From Ron Goldman

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Senior Driving: Safety Tips, Warning Signs, and Knowing When to Stop
As we age, it’s normal for our driving abilities to change. Aging doesn’t automatically mean we need to stop driving, of course. However, it does mean that we have to pay attention to any warning signs that age is interfering with our driving safety and make appropriate adjustments. By reducing risk factors and incorporating safe driving practices, many of us can continue driving safely long into our senior years.

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Senior Nutrition: Changing Dietary Needs
For older adults, the benefits of healthy eating include increased mental acuteness, resistance to disease, higher energy levels, faster recuperation times, and better management of chronic health problems. As we age, eating well can also be the key to a positive outlook and staying emotionally balanced. But healthy eating doesn’t have to be about dieting and sacrifice.

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