Did you know that stress can make you feel older? It’s true! When we experience stressful events like surgery, it can actually increase our biological age, which is connected to health risks. But here’s some good news: a new study suggests that changes like these might not be permanent, and our biological age can go back to normal when our stress levels go down.

Our chronological age, the number of years we’ve lived, cannot be changed. However, our biological age can be influenced by different factors, including stress. When our biological age goes up, it can put us at a higher risk for certain diseases and even death. But the study shows that after the stressful event is over, our biological age can fall back to where it was before.

Our bodies have an amazing ability to repair and recover from the damage caused by stress. Just like our bodies can heal from physical injuries, they can also restore our biological age. Stress can cause physical changes in our bodies like increased heart rate, blood pressure, and the release of certain hormones. If we stay stressed for a long time, it can even damage our DNA and cells.

This study brings hope to seniors who are concerned about the effects of stress. It shows that our biological age is not set in stone and can be reversed. It’s important for us to take care of ourselves, making healthy lifestyle choices and managing stress as best we can. Remember, our extraordinary bodies have the ability to heal and recover.