The aging process can be overwhelming and scary. Many adult children know that their parent’s health or cognitive functioning is declining. These conditions cause a lot of concern and stress for families of the elderly. Yet this is the type of concern that aging life care managers hear from adult children every day. Many adult children live far enough from their parents that they are unable to care for them directly. Relying on other sources for the care of some of the most important people in your life can be hard. However, aging life care managers have the ability to guide you and your aging loved ones through all aspects of the aging process.

The San Diego Union Tribune defines an aging life care manager as a social worker, nurse, or gerontologist. A care manager should have the necessary education as well as certification, which is overseen by the Aging Life Care Association to give you the confidence in their abilities to help. Care managers are able to address all of the core areas that can affect a family and individual. These could include housing, caregiving, legal issues, and more.

Many families don’t utilize a care manager until the situation has become severe. By hiring one sooner, you can have a plan for the care of aging loved ones. But how will you know if you need one? There are countless situations that you may benefit from a care manager. However, a common one is if the adult children live far from their aging parents and cannot provide direct support. Another common situation is if you have complex medical conditions that require ongoing care and continuity.

In addition to caring for an aging individual, a care manager can be an advocate for you. You might live in an assisted living and need help getting your needs met. Or you might live at home and need more support. Either way, care managers can make sure you get the best care possible. They can also give recommendations on what would be the most beneficial and cost effective for you.

Knowing where to look for an aging life care manager can be confusing. You need someone you can trust with the care of your aging loved one, or perhaps yourself. Arizona Elder Care has care managers in Northern Arizona including Sedona, the Verde Valley, Prescott and the tri-city areas that can assist you in making sure you or your loved one are as safe, healthy and independent as you can be. We can also help you find a care manager near you. We always welcome people to call for more information on how we can help! Give us a call at (928) 639-1583 to find out more about our trusted and professional aging life care managers.