Creating an Aging Plan

If your aging loved one is doing well, it's easy to put off planning for the future. Especially if they are in good health and able to care for themselves still. Yet waiting for a crisis to strike is never a good idea. Think of how you treat your car. It may not have squeaky breaks or leaking oil. But you probably still take it in for regular maintenance. Not [...]

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Transitioning into an Assisted Living

Moving is hard for anyone of any age. The process can be exhausting, both physically and emotionally. However, when it comes time for transitioning into an Assisted Living facility, seniors can often feel scared, sad, alone, and a slew of other emotions. Many adult children help their aging parents with this transition. For both the children and parents, this is a difficult choice and process. This move is not always [...]

When to Consult an Aging Life Care Manager

The aging process can be overwhelming and scary. Many adult children know that their parent's health or cognitive functioning is declining. These conditions cause a lot of concern and stress for families of the elderly. Yet this is the type of concern that aging life care managers hear from adult children every day. Many adult children live far enough from their parents that they are unable to care for them [...]

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How to Advocate for Aging Loved Ones

Much of the aging population now lives in long term care facilities. Advocating for aging loved ones and finding the help you need is challenging. If you do not live nearby, it can be even more difficult. Yet there are ways to ensure your loved one is receiving the care they want and deserve. It is a big part of what we do at Arizona Elder Care. There are countless issues [...]

Taking Care of Aging Parents: Couch on Fire

When our social worker Ron meets with new clients, he discusses how our aging parents view adult children. They see them as the kid who crashed their car, or borrowed money and didn't pay it back, or whined when things got too hard. When the time comes, taking care of aging parents becomes difficult when they still view us with the baggage from raising us.  They may brag about our [...]

Hospital Discharge: Slowing It Down

Crisis caused by unexpected hospital discharge of seniors tops our list for phone calls we receive on Friday nights.  What do we do? Where do we go? Is there an appeal process? Typically we invoke the mantra "This is not a safe discharge." But in this article in Kaiser Health News, there are other options as well including calling Medicare on the spot. In Arizona, the number is 877-588-1123. And to avoid being surprised by [...]

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Long Term Care Insurance

When someone calls for help for their loved one, we are happy to hear that they have Long Term Care insurance. Depending on their policy, this can help relieve the financial burden with varying reimbursement offered for caregiver support, assisted living or nursing home expenses.  With the high cost of elder care, it can make the difference between someone being able to afford the help that they truly need. There [...]

Dealing with Hospitals (Going Down the Rabbit Hole)

Dealing with hospitals feels a lot like going down a rabbit hole. It can be mentally deranging even for us at Arizona Elder Care who do this professionally. Especially for those who don’t know what their rights are or how to speak the language. Our client, an 80 year old Veteran with dementia, fell in his home due to unsafe living conditions. Sedona Medical Center diagnosed him with a broken [...]

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Why Hire a Geriatric Care Manager? (New York Times)

From the NEW YORK TIMES: During one especially dicey period with my mother, then in an assisted living facility, my brother and I hired a geriatric care manager, first for a consultation and then for additional help at an hourly rate. It felt like such an extravagance, given that we weren't rolling in money, but the care manager helped solve a series of complex problems that I doubt I'd have [...]

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Have ‘The Conversation’ with Aging Parents Before a Crisis (USA TODAY)

From USATODAY.COM "Dad, you shouldn't be driving anymore." " I haven't hit anyone yet!" "You ran over Mrs. Peabody's cherry tree." "That tree was half dead anyway," Dad growls. "And so is Mrs. Peabody!" Are you dreading a conversation like this over the holidays? It's that time of year when we are confronted with signs of aging in our parents that are not evident in long-distance phone conversations. One friend [...]

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