Older Adults Becoming Entrepreneurs

Older adults have a lifetime of experience they can utilize after retirement. Therefore, it's no wonder many people reach retirement age, and decide to start their own business.  Some may start up a business due to the desire to be one's own boss. Others may just want to follow a long-held passion. Some may do it for the extra income as well. Regardless, older adults choose to start businesses for [...]

Scammers Attack Vulnerable Seniors First

75 year old Kathleen Eaton decided she wanted a puppy. So, like many do these days, she went online to what she presumed to be a legitimate website to find her future pet. Ms. Eaton emailed the company. They gave her a "discounted" price of 750 dollars. Despite her husband's uneasy feelings towards how the company was handling the payments, she continued the process. The puppy never arrived. An additional [...]

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Helping Retired Parents While Having Boundaries

Denise Clark and her siblings were nearing retirement age themselves when their mother requested they subsidize her living expenses. Not to mention the non-essentials she was asking for. A new car loan and generous birthday gifts for extended family members were just a few. Clark recalls when her mother realized she was going to run out of money, she requested several hundred dollars per month from each child to maintain [...]

Caring for Aging Parents While Making a Living

Liz O'Donnell was 47 when she became one of America's 34 million adults providing unpaid care for their aging relatives. She knew her generous employer would allow her the flexibility to take time away from work for this important task. Yet at the same time, she was the primary source of income for her family. Therefore, she knew she had to find a balance and make it work. Caring for [...]

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Keeping Seniors Safe from Financial Elder Abuse

In any given year, one in ten adults over age 60 are victims of elder abuse. Furthermore, statistics show that a total of 5 million seniors are abused annually. Elder abuse comes in many different forms. Emotional, physical, and financial elder abuse are all a sad reality of our world. However, there are many ways to lower your risk of elder abuse. All forms of elder abuse are of the [...]

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Veteran Benefits

Did you know that if you served in the United States armed forces, you could qualify for benefits? These benefits can include help with the costs of assisted living, as well as some in-home support. However, the veteran population is often under served in this aspect due to lack of knowledge of the options. Assisted living and nursing care can put a financial burden on the senior and their family. [...]

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Understanding Medicare

Are you having trouble understanding Medicare and its many nuances? Rest assured that you’re not alone. It can take some time to understand and find the right coverage for you. You are eligible to enroll in Medicare on the first day of the month you turn 65, unless you’ve already qualified due to a disability. If you don’t enroll when you’re initially eligible, you may have to pay a Part [...]

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Spotting and Preventing Financial Elder Abuse

An estimated 30 billion dollars are lost every year to financial elder abuse scams. Most of the time we assume the thief is a total stranger. But far too often, even trusted family and friends are the root of this form of abuse. And unfortunately, so many cases of financial elder abuse go unreported. It may be because the victims are too ashamed to report what happened. Or maybe they [...]

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Avoiding Errors in Medical Bills

As we age, we need more health care. Of course, this leads to the medical bills piling up. Surprisingly, experts say that up to 80 percent of medical bills contain errors of some kind. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure you are aware of what you are paying for. This can be difficult, especially for seniors who receive what seems to be never ending bills. But by following a [...]

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Financial Scams Targeting Seniors

If you see something, say something. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security advises us to follow this rule in regards to suspicious activity. Seniors are often easier targets for financial scams. A 2017 AARP survey found that nearly half of financial fraud victims were over 70. However, the sad reality is that 43 out of 44 elder financial scams go unreported. Therefore, it is vitally important for people to report [...]

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