Resilience Despite Illness and Injury

We all know it. Compared to younger people, aging bodies don't bounce back quite as quickly. A small bone fracture in our twenties might have barely had an impact on our lives. Yet add forty or fifty years to our age, and it could leave us hobbling around on crutches for many weeks, or worse. While aging, it sometimes seems like it's just one health problem after another. This can [...]

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Wisdom from Seniors on Living a Good Life

It's hard to see any positive aspects with some things in life. Maybe we're sick of sitting in daily traffic. Or perhaps we are overwhelmed by family obligations. However, usually as we age, we gain a new perspective on life. We gain wisdom and insights that we lacked in our earlier years. This wisdom is often far undervalued by younger generations. The wealth of knowledge and advice seniors can share [...]

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Hitting the Ski Slopes at 100 Years Old

According to Klaus Obermeyer, skiing is easier than walking. Not many people are in good enough physical shape to say that. Let alone Klaus, who has just reached the age of 100. After World War II, he moved to the United States to look for work as an aeronautical engineer. Unfortunately, he soon realized that industry was not thriving after the war. However, the newly found downhill skiing industry was. [...]

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How to Make the Most of Getting Older

Many historical and more traditional societies cherish the wisdom of older adults. However, we live in a youth-focused culture. And the elderly are sometimes thought of as costly consumers of resources with little to offer in return. Often, we give them little respect for the wealth of wisdom they possess. Yet regardless of aging and all that comes along with it, it's possible to maintain purpose and meaning while getting [...]

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Older Adults Becoming Entrepreneurs

Older adults have a lifetime of experience they can utilize after retirement. Therefore, it's no wonder many people reach retirement age, and decide to start their own business.  Some may start up a business due to the desire to be one's own boss. Others may just want to follow a long-held passion. Some may do it for the extra income as well. Regardless, older adults choose to start businesses for [...]

Climbing Icy Peaks at 65 Years Old

At the age of 65, Steve Swenson sat atop an icy peak in Pakistan enjoying the biggest meal he'd had in nine days. After spending days climbing the peak with limited food intake, this celebratory meal seemed appropriate. 23,100 foot tall Link Sar sits in a buffer zone between Pakistan and India. After previously failing to summit this same peak twice before, this was a huge accomplishment. Yet Steve explains [...]

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The Oldest Man to Hike the Grand Canyon

Colorado resident John Jepkema became the oldest man to hike the Grand Canyon. At the age of 91, John performed this rim-to-rim trek alongside other senior friends. Spending five days backpacking through the trails with the group allowed for ample time to socialize and enjoy the process. John claims he's pretty competitive by nature. So when he saw the open record, he decided to just go for it. Beginning at [...]

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Hiking Thousands of Miles at 84 Years Old

There's no stopping 84 year old Hannah Alger. This Oakland, California senior community resident recently finished a 300 mile trek across the Camino de Santiago in Spain. Yet over the last six years, she has racked up thousands of miles on her hiking adventures. Beginning at the age of 78, Hannah caught the "hiking bug" and hasn't looked back since. "It's simple", she says. "There's nothing that I have to [...]

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Winning Gold Medals at 103 Years Old

She started running regularly at the age of 100. And while 103 year old Julia Hawkins may not be as fast of a runner as she used to be, that doesn't stop her. She definitely still lived up to her nickname, "Hurricane", in the 2019 Senior Games. In Albuquerque, New Mexico, Julia won two gold medals for running the 50 and 100 meter dash during these games. She may be [...]

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Hitting the Road at 89: Visiting Every National Park

In 2015 at the age of 85, Joy Ryan had never traveled far from her quiet hometown of Duncan Falls, Ohio. She had never seen an ocean, desert, mountain, or major river. She had been widowed for 20 years and had never found any good way to see the world. However, this all changed drastically when she found an unusual adventure partner. Her grandson, Brad. The pair embarked on a [...]

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