It’s hard to see any positive aspects with some things in life. Maybe we’re sick of sitting in daily traffic. Or perhaps we are overwhelmed by family obligations. However, usually as we age, we gain a new perspective on life. We gain wisdom and insights that we lacked in our earlier years. This wisdom is often far undervalued by younger generations. The wealth of knowledge and advice seniors can share is incredible. Below you will find some small pieces of inspiration from older adults that we may not normally stop to hear. Yet it may be just what we need to hear. partnered with an organization called StoryCorps, which aims to record and preserve important stories. The first piece of wisdom is from Agneta Vulliet. Her advice to us is to think of the hard times like bad weather. They will pass. She truly believes this after going to college, raising two kids, and making a living, all at once. Persistence is what got her through the hard times.

Another senior tells us to draw inspiration from all the people we meet. Whether you have a good experience with someone or not, you can usually find something to gain from the interaction. Use your experiences to your advantage. On the other hand, 80 year old Bennie Stewart tells us to love the work you do. Not only for the salary, but for the people. “As far as I’m concerned, it’s the people you’re with that make things different”, he explains.

Lastly, 80 year old Patricia Smith has made her family’s favorite tuna noodle casserole the same way for decades. She only uses canned tuna, never fresh. This is because she has learned to make the most of less. Growing up in Ukraine with a very limited budget, she learned to use what she could and make the most of it. Making the most of what you have is Patricia’s advice to us.

While not all the specifics will apply to everyone, the wisdom we can gain from seniors is irreplaceable. Seniors have lived a long life full of a variety of experiences. All it takes is making the time to sit, listen, and learn from them. The benefits are endless.