Resilience Despite Illness and Injury

We all know it. Compared to younger people, aging bodies don't bounce back quite as quickly. A small bone fracture in our twenties might have barely had an impact on our lives. Yet add forty or fifty years to our age, and it could leave us hobbling around on crutches for many weeks, or worse. While aging, it sometimes seems like it's just one health problem after another. This can [...]

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Health Concerns of Coronavirus Isolation for Seniors

Staying home during the coronavirus pandemic is not easy for most of us. We have our normal routines, whether it's work, school, or other hobbies. When all that comes to a sudden halt, we can feel confused and frustrated. One especially affected population is seniors in care facilities. Most have been closed off from outside visitors for months now. Some are stuck in their room, with three meals a day [...]

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Hitting the Ski Slopes at 100 Years Old

According to Klaus Obermeyer, skiing is easier than walking. Not many people are in good enough physical shape to say that. Let alone Klaus, who has just reached the age of 100. After World War II, he moved to the United States to look for work as an aeronautical engineer. Unfortunately, he soon realized that industry was not thriving after the war. However, the newly found downhill skiing industry was. [...]

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Video Games Are Being Embraced by Seniors

88 year old Audrey Buchanan starts her day with a morning routine. This routine consists of going into the kitchen, pouring herself a bowl of cereal, and opening up her Nintendo 3DS XL. This type of handheld gaming device is her entry into the gaming world. And she is not alone in this. Video games have been gaining popularity among seniors. Seniors are sometimes stuck at home. Therefore, their social [...]

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Fighting for a Cure for Alzheimer’s

"The first person to one day be cured of Alzheimer's is alive today." After 58 year old Judi Polak was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, this became her mantra. The specialists they consulted were pretty pessimistic about Judi's prognosis. But Judi wanted to fight her disease. Therefore, when she heard of a groundbreaking new clinical trial aimed at treating Alzheimer's, she immediately signed up to participate. While the treatment is still in [...]

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Addressing Loneliness in Older Adults

Loneliness is a complex concept that varies greatly from person to person. Surprisingly, researchers have found that those who live alone are not necessarily lonely. On the other hand, those who are connected to a close-knit family and friend group may still feel disconnected. This leaves scientists wondering what causes loneliness and what is the impact it has on our lives. And maybe most importantly, what can we do to [...]

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It’s No Joke that Laughter is the Best Medicine

97 year old Carl Reiner has been a comedic icon for more than 70 years. In 2017, he hosted an HBO documentary featuring him along with other famous people in their nineties. Among them was Mel Brooks, Dick Van Dyke, and actress Betty White. All of these celebrities have something very special in common. Their sense of humor. They truly believe that humor has enriched their lives and boosted their [...]

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Tips from a 90 Year Old on Gratitude While Aging

As Bette Davis simply stated, "Old age ain't no place for sissies". Similar to many other seniors, Jody Gastfriend's 90 year old mother knows this all too well. Living in a retirement community, she is frequently reminded of the fragility of aging. She lost her husband of many years to dementia. She has fallen and broken her femur twice, leaving her home bound for months. Additionally, she spent six months [...]

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The Health Benefits of Being a Grandparent

Grandparents can provide a sense of stability, wisdom, and fun to their grandchildren's lives. And in return, being a grandparent provides so many benefits as well. Helping to care for grandchildren can help to stave off depression, boost social connections, and increase mental sharpness. The health benefits of being a grandparent don't just happen when the grandparent is the sole caregiver to the child. Simply spending time and being involved [...]

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Managing Multiple Medications for Seniors

If you or your aging loved one takes multiple medications every day, you're not alone. Nearly 40 percent of older adults take five or more medications each day. However, this doesn't come as a surprise. Between the slew of health issues that affect seniors, and advancements in healthcare, there are many great options to manage difficult symptoms. Yet juggling all of those pills every day can be harder than it [...]

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