Studying Aging in a New Way

The external signs of aging are all pretty familiar to us. Graying hair, more wrinkles, and problems with memory are all common parts of the aging process. However, what exactly happens to the brain as we age is still very unknown. Experts have theories surrounding neurological diseases. But at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, they have developed a new way of imaging the brain and its complexities. Scientists are calling [...]

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“GPS Shoes” Aim to Help Dementia Patients

Dementia diagnoses have increased exponentially in the recent years. This leaves so many families worrying about their loved one's safety and well-being. One major concern among families affected by dementia is that their loved one will become disoriented or even lost while out and about. Due to this common fear, a Japanese company proposed a novel solution. They invented "GPS shoes" that are able to track the wearer's location. While [...]

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Video Games Are Being Embraced by Seniors

88 year old Audrey Buchanan starts her day with a morning routine. This routine consists of going into the kitchen, pouring herself a bowl of cereal, and opening up her Nintendo 3DS XL. This type of handheld gaming device is her entry into the gaming world. And she is not alone in this. Video games have been gaining popularity among seniors. Seniors are sometimes stuck at home. Therefore, their social [...]

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Fighting for a Cure for Alzheimer’s

"The first person to one day be cured of Alzheimer's is alive today." After 58 year old Judi Polak was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, this became her mantra. The specialists they consulted were pretty pessimistic about Judi's prognosis. But Judi wanted to fight her disease. Therefore, when she heard of a groundbreaking new clinical trial aimed at treating Alzheimer's, she immediately signed up to participate. While the treatment is still in [...]

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Virtual Reality Can Improve End of Life Care

These days, many of us wonder if the latest technology will have a headphone jack. Or maybe we obsess over if it will be thinner than its predecessor. However, technological advances can provide much more important experiences than just sending a text message or streaming the latest content. Specifically, virtual reality can improve end of life care immensely. It can essentially transport patients with a variety of physical and mental [...]

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The Oldest Nobel Prize Winner

At 97 years old, Professor John B. Goodenough is still filling the world with energy. Along with his two colleagues, he pioneered the lithium-ion battery in the 1970's. These are currently used in rechargeable devices like laptops and cellphones. This life-changing innovation made the German-born engineering professor officially the oldest person to win the Nobel Prize. Dallas News describes this extraordinary man. The Nobel Foundation even claims Goodenough and his [...]

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Assistive Technology for Seniors

When we think of technology, we often think of things like computers and smart phones. But the term "assistive technology" refers to anything that can help someone live more independently and comfortably. Specifically, assistive technology for seniors is growing in popularity. As the average life expectancy increases, our need for improving the aging process does as well. For many seniors, assistive technology can mean the difference between living more independently [...]

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Seniors Staying Safe on the Internet

Internet use among seniors is continually on the rise. Nearly 70 percent of seniors now regularly browse the internet. Whether you use it for social media, online banking, or emailing, seniors can unfortunately be easier targets for internet scams. Scammers perceive seniors as more vulnerable. Therefore, they usually target them first. Everyone should prioritize internet safety these days. But for seniors, this is especially vital. It could mean the difference [...]

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Choosing a Medical Alert System

Safety can be a huge concern for families and friends of seniors. People talk a lot about lowering your fall risk. Yet regardless of how much we prepare for the risk of falling, the reality is that nearly 3 million seniors are sent to the emergency room due to falls each year. Injuries, loss of independence, and even death can occur following a fall. Depending on how and where you [...]

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Computer and Internet Safety For Seniors

Computer and internet safety is crucial, especially for vulnerable seniors. Nearly half of adults ages 65 and older now own a smartphone. An increasingly large number of seniors are becoming tech-savvy. This is a great way for them to be involved in their personal, financial and social connections. However, the majority of internet scammers purposely target older adults for a variety of reasons. Seniors tend to have more money, are more trusting, and [...]

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