Studying Aging in a New Way

The external signs of aging are all pretty familiar to us. Graying hair, more wrinkles, and problems with memory are all common parts of the aging process. However, what exactly happens to the brain as we age is still very unknown. Experts have theories surrounding neurological diseases. But at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, they have developed a new way of imaging the brain and its complexities. Scientists are calling [...]

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Meditation for Cognitive Function: Can it Help?

These days, there are a growing number of websites and self-help books explaining the many benefits of meditation. Often, they describe benefits such as increased awareness, lowered stress, and improved mood. Meditation has even been proven to help with various medical conditions. However, there is still some debate as far as meditation for cognitive function. Can it help? Scientists are unsure whether a regular meditation practice can improve the normal [...]

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