Journey Through Grief

Grief is a natural part of life, a response to the losses we all face, whether it's losing a loved one, a job, or a relationship. It's important to know that grieving is unique to each person, and there's no right or wrong way to journey through grief. Researchers have identified stages of grief to help us understand the process, but remember, your journey may not follow these stages [...]

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Embracing the Circle of Life

In our hearts, we all understand that one day, our journey will come to an end. Thinking about death can feel heavy, but it can also offer a unique perspective on life. Let's explore this notion together. Imagine a parent's deepest fear - thinking about the death of their child. The ancient Stoic philosopher Epictetus once suggested that reflecting on such fears might be beneficial. He believed that contemplating [...]

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Resilience Despite Illness and Injury

We all know it. Compared to younger people, aging bodies don't bounce back quite as quickly. A small bone fracture in our twenties might have barely had an impact on our lives. Yet add forty or fifty years to our age, and it could leave us hobbling around on crutches for many weeks, or worse. While aging, it sometimes seems like it's just one health problem after another. This can [...]

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Rethinking Aging Issues in America

In the year 2031, the oldest baby boomers will turn 85. Consequently, this means their risk for aging issues like dementia, serious disability, and long-term dependency will increase exponentially. At the same time, the American Medical Association has reported an increased death rate in the 25 to 64 year age range. All these statistic put together have an important impact on the future of aging America. It means there will [...]

Meditation for Cognitive Function: Can it Help?

These days, there are a growing number of websites and self-help books explaining the many benefits of meditation. Often, they describe benefits such as increased awareness, lowered stress, and improved mood. Meditation has even been proven to help with various medical conditions. However, there is still some debate as far as meditation for cognitive function. Can it help? Scientists are unsure whether a regular meditation practice can improve the normal [...]

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Addressing Loneliness in Older Adults

Loneliness is a complex concept that varies greatly from person to person. Surprisingly, researchers have found that those who live alone are not necessarily lonely. On the other hand, those who are connected to a close-knit family and friend group may still feel disconnected. This leaves scientists wondering what causes loneliness and what is the impact it has on our lives. And maybe most importantly, what can we do to [...]

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Scammers Attack Vulnerable Seniors First

75 year old Kathleen Eaton decided she wanted a puppy. So, like many do these days, she went online to what she presumed to be a legitimate website to find her future pet. Ms. Eaton emailed the company. They gave her a "discounted" price of 750 dollars. Despite her husband's uneasy feelings towards how the company was handling the payments, she continued the process. The puppy never arrived. An additional [...]

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Helping Retired Parents While Having Boundaries

Denise Clark and her siblings were nearing retirement age themselves when their mother requested they subsidize her living expenses. Not to mention the non-essentials she was asking for. A new car loan and generous birthday gifts for extended family members were just a few. Clark recalls when her mother realized she was going to run out of money, she requested several hundred dollars per month from each child to maintain [...]

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Involving Seniors in Holiday Traditions

The holidays are a time of joy. Many people enjoy gatherings with friends and family, exchanging gifts, and other fun holiday traditions. However, the holidays can also be a time of stress, especially for seniors. Their exercise routines may be disrupted for shopping excursions. And special diets might be hard to follow due to big holiday meals. Furthermore, it can be exhausting for anyone. But when a senior has physical [...]

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Home Safety for Seniors

The majority of older Americans hope to remain in their home as they age. While aging in place is not possible for everyone, it is entirely possible for some. However, safety should always remain the number one priority when assessing your needs. Maintaining home safety for seniors needs to be addressed early on. In order to remain at home as you age, there are likely modifications that need to take [...]

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