Why Baby Boomers Are Choosing to Stay in Their Homes

Baby Boomers like Marta and Octavian Dragos are finding themselves in a common predicament: feeling trapped in large homes once filled with family. As empty nesters over 70, the Dragos represent many in their generation struggling with the decision to downsize. Despite wanting to simplify their lives, financial and logistical hurdles make selling and moving harder so Baby Boomers are choosing to stay in their homes. High capital gains [...]

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Home Safety for Seniors

The majority of older Americans hope to remain in their home as they age. While aging in place is not possible for everyone, it is entirely possible for some. However, safety should always remain the number one priority when assessing your needs. Maintaining home safety for seniors needs to be addressed early on. In order to remain at home as you age, there are likely modifications that need to take [...]

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