Journey Through Grief

Grief is a natural part of life, a response to the losses we all face, whether it's losing a loved one, a job, or a relationship. It's important to know that grieving is unique to each person, and there's no right or wrong way to journey through grief. Researchers have identified stages of grief to help us understand the process, but remember, your journey may not follow these stages [...]

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Embracing the Circle of Life

In our hearts, we all understand that one day, our journey will come to an end. Thinking about death can feel heavy, but it can also offer a unique perspective on life. Let's explore this notion together. Imagine a parent's deepest fear - thinking about the death of their child. The ancient Stoic philosopher Epictetus once suggested that reflecting on such fears might be beneficial. He believed that contemplating [...]

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Coping with the Loss of Friends and Family

The paradox of life is that the longer we live, the more death will become a part of our lives. As we age, we will likely lose and grieve the loss of people we love. Coping with the loss of friends and family can be one of the most challenging parts of our increased longevity. Whether the loss is due to an accident, illness, or simply old age, it can [...]

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Choosing Hospice Care Can Improve End of Life

People often associate hospice care with dying. However, what many don't realize is that choosing hospice care can improve end of life. The basic premise of hospice care is all about easing pain and suffering, rather than focusing on curative treatments. Sadly, many seniors are referred to hospice just days or weeks before their death. In this case, it's hard for hospice to have a meaningful impact. The dying process [...]

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“When I Die” Files Can Ease the Burden of Death

When Ruth Byock died at age 81, her children didn't expect to find much of importance in her home. Yet what they found took them by surprise. Next to her recipe box, there was a tiny card file. And in it, she had compiled all her important paperwork, account numbers, pending transactions, and other information they would need to settle her affairs and belongings. Losing a loved one is never [...]

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Planning for the Expenses of Funerals

There are so many costs associated with aging. We often think of planning for things like long-term care or medical expenses as we age. However, one important expense we often fail to plan for are funerals. Planning for the expenses of funerals is definitely not the most pleasant topic to contemplate. Yet the average funeral cost can go as high as $10,000 or more. Knowing this may put your loved [...]

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Preparing for a Good End of Life

According to a 2017 Kaiser Foundation study, 7 in 10 Americans wish to die at home. Contrary to this desire, half die in nursing homes and hospitals. Pain is a major barrier to a peaceful death, with half of Americans dying with uncontrolled pain. All this can lead to fear and a denial of death. But the good news is that there are ways to go about preparing for a [...]

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We Never “Get Over” Grief

We never "get over" grief. Some think the hardest part is watching your parent or loved one die. But that is often just the beginning. In this heart wrenching article (with some strong language) from Scary Mommy, Christine Burke says grief is not a process. It is a journey. And it is a painful, powerful, full of cursing kind of journey that she writes about. Of course, the pain and [...]

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Making Use of Hospice Care before Death

Making use of hospice care before death could be highly beneficial. What do you think of when you hear about hospice care? If you are like most Americans, you think of hospice as just for those who are actively dying. Yet making use of hospice care long before death is something that could be highly beneficial. Hospice is designed to provide relief from symptoms such as nausea, pain and anxiety. Most of the [...]

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Symptoms of Dying

Knowing the symptoms of dying can offer peace of mind to both our loved one and ourselves as we go through this rite of passage. Whether we die from cancer, heart disease or a stroke, the process can be similar towards the end of life. The symptoms of dying are usually not as painful as we expect and anticipate. The New York Times reports that dying is a diagnosis in itself. There [...]

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