Helping Seniors During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus can be deadly to anyone who catches it. However, it is especially dangerous for seniors. About eight of every ten deaths from this virus have been in people ages 65 and over. Normal weakening of the immune system and preexisting conditions both complicate matters for seniors. According to experts, the best thing seniors can do currently is to self-isolate and practice social distancing. However, we can't just ignore [...]

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A Surprise Gift to Strangers on a Milestone Birthday

Similar to many older adults, Peggy Wheatcroft wasn't too excited about turning 80. When asked if she wanted an 80th birthday party, she declined. She didn't want to be in the spotlight. Suddenly, she had a six decade old memory pop into her head. In the 1950's on her friend's 21st birthday, she gave her mom 21 roses. Instead of waiting for someone to give her a gift, this friend [...]

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The Health Benefits of Being a Grandparent

Grandparents can provide a sense of stability, wisdom, and fun to their grandchildren's lives. And in return, being a grandparent provides so many benefits as well. Helping to care for grandchildren can help to stave off depression, boost social connections, and increase mental sharpness. The health benefits of being a grandparent don't just happen when the grandparent is the sole caregiver to the child. Simply spending time and being involved [...]

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Preventing Caregiver Burnout

People begin caregiving for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it's due to financial reasons, love for a family member, or in hopes to help them age in place. Regardless of the reasoning behind it, caregivers usually possess a unique sense of compassion and empathy. But each new day can bring new challenges. And they often result in caregiver burnout. The nature of caregiving is innately stressful, demanding, and emotionally taxing. [...]

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Connecting Older Adults with Students

College is for younger folks, right? Yes, the majority of the population you'll find on a college campus is in the younger generations. Most older adults don't even consider connecting with college students. But there is a new program funded by The Council of Independent Colleges and the AARP Foundation. This program, known as Intergenerational Connections, connects lower income older adults with college students. Together, they work on topics such [...]

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Thinking About Leaving a Legacy

We all hope to be remembered once we're gone. When you think of leaving a legacy, do you think solely of the financial aspects? Leaving a large estate to your children is certainly one great way to leave a legacy. However, the amount of money you leave behind is not necessarily the most important part. And whether we like it or not, we are all leaving a legacy. Of course, [...]

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Kindness Benefits Aging Bodies and Brains

When someone holds the door for you or gives you a compliment, how does that make you feel? The answer is probably something similar to feeling valued, supported, or loved. But did you know if you make acts of kindness a regular habit, it can actually benefit your own health? The health benefits of kindness have been studied, and the findings are promising. It may seem like common sense that [...]

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Granting Wishes to Nursing Home Residents

At times, nursing homes can be sad, isolating, and lonely for seniors. Between the loss of independence and loss of capacity to care for yourself, depression can set in. Luckily, in northwest Arkansas there is a gem of a child named Ruby Chitsey. Ruby enjoys going to work with her mom at a local nursing home. This may not seem like anything special. But what she does is nothing short [...]

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Giving a Voice to Alzheimer’s Patients

At the age of 79, Michael Brody was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Many people believe their life is over with this diagnosis. Yet with his life-long love of singing, what could be more appropriate than participating in the Giving Voice Chorus? Along with a total of 170 Alzheimer's patients and their caregivers, Michael and his wife join in singing and performing a variety of uplifting songs. For these patients and their [...]

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Remembering Self Care for Caregivers

Caring for someone with Alzheimer's, or any aging individual, is often overwhelming. You may not feel like you are doing it "right". Even more important, you may be forgetting to practice self care. Caregiving is a huge undertaking when most of us have busy lives of our own. Remembering to practice self care is key to successful caregiving. Self care for caregivers may seem counter intuitive. Aren't you supposed to [...]

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