Moving is hard for anyone of any age. The process can be exhausting, both physically and emotionally. However, when it comes time for transitioning into an Assisted Living facility, seniors can often feel scared, sad, alone, and a slew of other emotions. Many adult children help their aging parents with this transition. For both the children and parents, this is a difficult choice and process. This move is not always the happy kind that the younger population experiences. But there are ways to help the process go smoother. The transition into an Assisted Living does not have to be as painful as you may think!

This article from Reader’s Digest suggests ways to help seniors transitioning into an assisted living. First, always show empathy. Discussing the things that will stay the same is so important. Even something as small as still being able to play their favorite card game or eat their favorite meal can be encouraging.

When moving into an assisted living, most people have to downsize. It can be incredibly hard to store or part with cherished items that have personal value. If they are able to, allow your parents to help choose what goes where. If they know, for example, that their favorite painting is going to their granddaughter, this can bring some peace and joy.

Making their room a home will bring significant comfort and emotional well-being. If possible, allow them to pick where their personal items will go in their room. Making the room as homey and comfortable as possible will make it feel as if it really is their new home.

It is important to remember to always allow for an adjustment period. For anyone, moving is very stressful. It will certainly take some getting used to. In addition, if you are not able to physically help your parent with the planning and moving process, care managers like Arizona Elder Care and other professionals, which we can refer you to, are available to assist. They can also help keep in close contact with the seniors, as well as the care staff at the facility. This can ensure the best quality of care and life for your aging parents.

Transitioning into an assisted living is a huge change. There is no doubt that it will be emotional and even scary. However, acknowledging that it is the best choice for you and your aging parent is crucial.