If your aging loved one is doing well, it’s easy to put off planning for the future. Especially if they are in good health and able to care for themselves still. Yet waiting for a crisis to strike is never a good idea. Think of how you treat your car. It may not have squeaky breaks or leaking oil. But you probably still take it in for regular maintenance. Not unlike this analogy, aging individuals should not go long periods of time without assessing and planning for their increasing needs. Don’t wait for a crisis. Creating an aging plan is vital to not only them, but for you as well.

Far too often, families of aging adults are left to deal with the aftermath of a crisis. However, this is not always necessary. With careful planning, much of this can be avoided. An Aging Life Care Specialist weighs in on this topic in this article from Aging Life Care.

Many families and aging individuals are fortunate to have no red flags for their health and well-being. Yet the normal aging process comes along with a slew of unavoidable issues. Add in the possibility of a disease such as dementia, Parkinson’s or a stroke, and the need for early planning becomes critical.

It is advised to create a plan that includes five main areas. A medical alert pendant or bracelet is number one on the list. This will ensure safety, especially if your loved one is still living independently. In addition, should an emergency happen, having a list of current medications and conditions is important. If they are unable to speak for themselves, both this and a list of food, medication or other allergies will be so important.

Finally, daily check-in calls are a great way to monitor your loved one’s status. This allows for early detection of altered mental states. Aging Life Care Specialists like Arizona Elder Care are also able to assist in check-ins and visits to monitor health and well-being. Creating an aging plan takes effort. But planning in advance will save you time, money, and emotional stresses in the long run. And it may even save your aging loved one’s life.