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In this issue, Ron talks about what you need to consider when hiring a caregiver in the state of Arizona, where there is no licensing for non-medical home care agencies. Please watch the video below.

A Brief Message From Ron Goldman

Ten Things Assisted Living Homes Won’t Tell You

This article contains important information for those considering a residential assisted-living facility for a relative. Current government regulations do not adequately protect families with loved ones in these facilities, and this necessitates becoming well informed about them.
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Vitamin B3 helps Kill Superbugs.

The latest research on vitamin B3 suggests that it may become an important factor in combating infections, particularly those by bacteria now becoming resistant to antibiotics.
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Advocate Fights Ambient Despair” in Assisted Living

An interview with Martin Bayne, a writer who covers issues in long-term care and what he sees as its needed reforms. He writes from first-hand experience about the quality of life for seniors as they transition into long-term care facilities.
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