The process of avoiding identity theft for seniors needs to be taken seriously.   Identity theft occurs when someone gets personal information about you. This could include social security number, bank account number, or credit card information. A little known fact is that each year, 17 million people fall victim to identity theft. Sadly, many of these are vulnerable seniors.  Avoiding identity theft can feel hard and even overwhelming.  Yet taking these simple steps, one at a time, can help you avoid being a victim.

This HuffPost article describes many easy ways to avoid identity theft. First off, always guard your personal information. This means do not carry around your social security card in your wallet. In addition, never give out your social security number or bank and credit card information.

Many seniors do not use strong passwords for accounts such as online banking and emails. The internet is often an easy place for people to take advantage of seniors. If you want to know further about internet safety, you can read more here. In addition, always monitor your accounts. If you need assistance with this, Licensed Fiduciaries like Arizona Elder Care can always help you keep track of your finances.

One common issue leading to identity theft is when important documents are simply thrown into the trash. Even if they seem harmless and you are tired of having them in your home, never throw them away without shredding.  It might be medical records, bank statements or receipts. Regardless, shredding these documents is extremely important.

Finally, secure your mail. Always remember to empty your mailbox quickly. Even better, buy a locked mailbox or purchase a mailbox at the post office. Arizona Elder Care can help you to keep your mail secure as well.

Seniors face the threat of identity theft more than the average population. But there are people that can help you keep your personal information secure. Licensed fiduciaries are specifically trained to help you in this way. Our professionals want to help! If you would like more information, call us at 928-639-1583 to get started.