We all have opinions on how we should be caring for aging parents. We tend to believe we know best. After all, they are our parents. Yet when siblings are involved, there are bound to be differences of opinions. This can lead to conflict, which ultimately makes matters even more stressful than they need to be. Knowing how to manage conflict and differing opinions between siblings can make all the difference. Caring for aging parents is a challenge many of us will face.

This Forbes article describes common issues that siblings face regarding the care of their parents. First of all is the perception of what our aging parents need. Perhaps you feel that your parent can manage at home with a caregiver. However, your brother believes that they need to reside in an assisted living facility. Getting professional guidance can be helpful in these situations. An aging life care manager, like those at Arizona Elder Care, can assess the individual’s needs. They can then make recommendations and suggestions that are in the best interests of the aging parents.

Another common cause of conflict is dividing up the caregiving between siblings. When you feel that your sibling is not putting in as much time or effort as you are, you may start to resent them. But instead of sitting and building up your resentment, try allocating specific jobs to each sibling. You can base this off their schedules or abilities. If all else fails, consider hiring a paid caregiver.

Money is a huge area of conflict between siblings. It can stir up many arguments. Furthermore, when it begins to involve future inheritances, things can get really ugly between siblings. Elder Law Attorneys and/or Licensed Fiduciaries like Arizona Elder Care can often help. They can give objective advice and suggestions on the best course of action regarding costs of long term care of aging parents.

Caring for aging parents is a stressful undertaking for all involved. When multiple siblings are added to the mix, tensions can be extremely high. Yet despite the many differences we may have, the priority must be the care of our aging loved ones. Remembering that you share the common goal of providing the best care for your parents is so important. We all want our parents to age with love, care, and with dignity. And that’s what matters most.