When it comes to senior care, expect the unexpected. Many adult children walk on eggshells, tiptoe around the topic, or avoid it all together. In fact, a recent survey showed just how much of an issue this can be. A shocking 55 percent of family caregivers don’t plan on discussing the topic until there is a dire need. In addition, 64 percent of seniors are not budgeting or saving for their own senior care. Understandably, talking to aging parents about their changing needs can trigger many emotions.

Nobody wants to be the one to bring up topics like long-term care, end of life care, driving, and money. But this Huffington Post article says talking about senior care in advance will save you from unnecessary stress. And we agree. Far too often, we see families scrambling to make ends meet when a crisis strikes. The stress could be financial, physical or emotional. Regardless, a lot of this distress can be minimized by planning in advance.

What does all this mean going forward? When planning for senior care, we always hope for the best. But planning for the worst is often advised. You will be far more prepared in the event of a sudden crisis, like a fall or a terminal illness.

Be proactive with your senior care planning. In the survey, it was found that 52 percent of participants had not even started the discussion. Yet once they tackled this difficult conversation, they ultimately felt more informed, hopeful and relieved. If you have a hard time initiating this discussion, Aging Life Care professionals like Arizona Elder Care can help facilitate one.

You can’t possibly be efficient when you’re scrambling to juggle everything after a crisis strikes. By planning ahead, you’ll more likely ensure good care, financial stability, and good health. You will ultimately be showing up and navigating this unpredictable journey effectively. Regardless of how much you plan, it will not always be easy. But by having plans in place ahead of time, so much of your stress can be avoided.