Protecting Against Cognitive Decline

Cognitive decline is a normal part of aging. Aging brains naturally have more of a build up of toxins. Although this is a natural part of growing older, certain lifestyle factors can influence the severity of impairment. Exercise, sleep, and diet all play a powerful role. However, it's never too early to pick up one of these brain boosting habits. We may not be able to totally prevent cognitive decline, [...]

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Hobbies for Seniors with Limited Mobility

Seniors often have limited mobility. It could be due to conditions like strokes, arthritis, or injuries from falls. In addition, even the normal aging process can take a toll on our ability to move like we used to. Whatever the cause may be, hobbies and activities you once enjoyed do not have to end. Most of them can be modified in some way to accommodate your limitations as you age. [...]

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Exercise Protects Aging Brains

There's no question that exercise is a healthy habit. In addition, most can agree that you will feel better when eating a healthy diet. Yet many don't realize that these habits can actually aid in protecting aging brains. As we age, our brain functions decline. Regardless of whether someone has dementia, memory and other cognitive functions may suffer. However, new clinical trials have shown significant differences in the aging brain [...]

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Balancing Mobility with the Fear of Falling

If we fear something, we tend to avoid it. For the fear of falling, this can be a vicious cycle for seniors. It is no secret that falling is scary and dangerous. It can lead to serious injuries and loss of independence. Yet the more you avoid moving around and being active, the higher your risk of falling becomes. Public health experts throughout the world grapple with this paradox. However, [...]

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Alzheimer’s Patients and Caregivers Connect Through Yoga

We often think of those who practice yoga as thin, flexible, people in strange poses. However, this is not the case for many people. Yoga can be beneficial for all kinds of people. A certain type, done in a chair, is helping Alzheimer's patients and caregivers connect through yoga. This article in the Baltimore Sun explains how Catherine Rees, a registered nurse, taught gentle yoga classes at a local senior center. After [...]

Increasing Your Physical Activity

Increasing your physical activity later in life can greatly reduce the risk of many diseases according to NPR. How many hours per day do you sit? Let's say you commute to work, sit at a desk at work for eight hours, then commute home. You are probably exhausted after all that. So you may decide to binge watch your favorite show on Netflix and order takeout. If this is the [...]

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Reducing Your Fall Risk

Reducing your fall risk is often overlooked as a serious problem in older adults. Have you tried balancing on one foot lately? Chances are, if you are 50 years or older, you won't be able to balance as well as you used to. Fall risks are something that we take quite seriously at Arizona Elder Care. We have scheduled Occupational Therapists to visit our clients' homes to identify potential fall risks [...]

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