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Video Games Are Being Embraced by Seniors

88 year old Audrey Buchanan starts her day with a morning routine. This routine consists of going into the kitchen, pouring herself a bowl of cereal, and opening up her Nintendo 3DS XL. This type of handheld gaming device is her entry into the gaming world. And she is not alone in this. Video games have been gaining popularity among seniors. Seniors are sometimes stuck at home. Therefore, their social [...]

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Fighting for a Cure for Alzheimer’s

"The first person to one day be cured of Alzheimer's is alive today." After 58 year old Judi Polak was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, this became her mantra. The specialists they consulted were pretty pessimistic about Judi's prognosis. But Judi wanted to fight her disease. Therefore, when she heard of a groundbreaking new clinical trial aimed at treating Alzheimer's, she immediately signed up to participate. While the treatment is still in [...]

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How to Make the Most of Getting Older

Many historical and more traditional societies cherish the wisdom of older adults. However, we live in a youth-focused culture. And the elderly are sometimes thought of as costly consumers of resources with little to offer in return. Often, we give them little respect for the wealth of wisdom they possess. Yet regardless of aging and all that comes along with it, it's possible to maintain purpose and meaning while getting [...]

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Older Adults Becoming Entrepreneurs

Older adults have a lifetime of experience they can utilize after retirement. Therefore, it's no wonder many people reach retirement age, and decide to start their own business.  Some may start up a business due to the desire to be one's own boss. Others may just want to follow a long-held passion. Some may do it for the extra income as well. Regardless, older adults choose to start businesses for [...]

Climbing Icy Peaks at 65 Years Old

At the age of 65, Steve Swenson sat atop an icy peak in Pakistan enjoying the biggest meal he'd had in nine days. After spending days climbing the peak with limited food intake, this celebratory meal seemed appropriate. 23,100 foot tall Link Sar sits in a buffer zone between Pakistan and India. After previously failing to summit this same peak twice before, this was a huge accomplishment. Yet Steve explains [...]

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Ensuring Your Happiness in Retirement

Young and middle aged adults often dream of the day they can finally retire. They sometimes live with the notion that retirement will be far easier than a career-focused lifestyle. While it sounds amazing to not have to work and be able to do what you want, it's not always that easy. Retirement sounds wonderful in theory, and it certainly can be some of the best years of your life. [...]

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The Oldest Man to Hike the Grand Canyon

Colorado resident John Jepkema became the oldest man to hike the Grand Canyon. At the age of 91, John performed this rim-to-rim trek alongside other senior friends. Spending five days backpacking through the trails with the group allowed for ample time to socialize and enjoy the process. John claims he's pretty competitive by nature. So when he saw the open record, he decided to just go for it. Beginning at [...]

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Virtual Reality Can Improve End of Life Care

These days, many of us wonder if the latest technology will have a headphone jack. Or maybe we obsess over if it will be thinner than its predecessor. However, technological advances can provide much more important experiences than just sending a text message or streaming the latest content. Specifically, virtual reality can improve end of life care immensely. It can essentially transport patients with a variety of physical and mental [...]

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Addressing Loneliness in Older Adults

Loneliness is a complex concept that varies greatly from person to person. Surprisingly, researchers have found that those who live alone are not necessarily lonely. On the other hand, those who are connected to a close-knit family and friend group may still feel disconnected. This leaves scientists wondering what causes loneliness and what is the impact it has on our lives. And maybe most importantly, what can we do to [...]

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Scammers Attack Vulnerable Seniors First

75 year old Kathleen Eaton decided she wanted a puppy. So, like many do these days, she went online to what she presumed to be a legitimate website to find her future pet. Ms. Eaton emailed the company. They gave her a "discounted" price of 750 dollars. Despite her husband's uneasy feelings towards how the company was handling the payments, she continued the process. The puppy never arrived. An additional [...]

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